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Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc.
Performs Thermal Imaging * and Concrete Imaging to Identify Potential Hazards Beneath the Surface

* Thermal Imaging Technology is only available with the GPRS Inc. Salt Lake City Office.

Thermal Imaging Concrete Imaging

Thermal Imaging Beneath the SurfaceGPRS, Inc. was contracted to locate ice melt lines in a sidewalk slab. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems inc. was able to map the reinforcement in the slab with GPR and the ice melt lines with thermal imaging. These two technologies (thermal imaging and concrete imaging) used in conjunction can precisely locate rebar, conduits, post tensioned cables and ice melt lines with depths.

GPRS understands the need contractors have to know exactly where any potential hazards maybe lying below the surface, which is why we have added this new service to our arsenal of state of the art technology. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is dedicated to providing as much information to the contractor as possible so the project can continue without delays.


Concrete Imaging Beneath the Surface Thermal Imaging Conduits

Thermal Imaging Post Tension Cables

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can locate radiant heat tubing, ice or snow melt lines as well as electrical conduits. To schedule a survey for gpr or thermal imagining please contact us.

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